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Georg Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Vernalis Engineering is our extended engineering team for last 7 years. Their contribution to the Design and detailing of Car and Truck steel wheel production lines and forging presses is significant. They consistently deliver, adhering our Stringent quality and timeline requirements. Leadership has prior working experience in Germany and they speak German fluently which is a huge advantage. We are looking forward to a continuous business relationship and wish Vernalis the best!

Mr. Guido Brassart
Managing Director
SAG USA (Sakthi Group)

We are working with Vernalis Engineering team for CAE optimization of a Steering knuckle involving linear/nonlinear static and dynamic FEA and life prediction. We found them to be professional, trust worthy, and always timely. They work very well in tandem with our Liason engineer to provide seamless round the clock productivity, enabling us to meet the stringent deadlines with ease.

Mr. Peter Ravenna
Director Engineering
Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH

Vernalis Engineering is the ideal partner for the support of our 3D Model creation projects. Their knowledge about our requirements and CAD tool expertise are the very important reasons, for our continuous cooperation for the past 2 years, which will continue for our future requirements as well. Their contribution to our projects have helped us immensely in cost and time saving.

Mr. Steinkamp
Development Engineer
Dr. MGR University, Chennai.

We team up with Vernalis Engineering for any product development where in we need additional capacity. They are experienced in Design and Virtual validation phases of the aerospace product development. They quickly understand the Engineering challenge and come up with the effective process to deliver quality results on time. We would like to continue their professional relationship in the future.

Dr. K.R. Vijayakumar
Advanced Reserach Institute (ARI)
Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH

Whenever we look for an additional development capacity, our reliable partner Vernalis Engineering is our #1 choice. They could grasp the requirement easily and come up with innovative solutions with optimal part selection backed up by calculations. They give due consideration to DFM and DFA concepts and even validate by Finite element analysis, resulting in a very cost effective solution. We are glad to have continuous cooperation with them.

Mr. Volker Sieber
Head - Product development
Sundaram-Clayton Limited (TVS Group)

With Vernalis expertise in CAE, we optimized the Clutch cover design Magnesium Die casting and found a possible 50% mass reduction when compared to the existing Aluminium casting, which was a major benefit. We would like to appreciate the efforts put in by Engineers from Vernalis Engineering for making this pioneering project a successful one. We would also like to team up with them for our future FEA challenges as well.

Mr. Devarajan
Advance Engineering
Stürtz Maschinenbau GmbH

The team at Vernalis Engineering were very professional, customer focussed and helpful. They assessed our needs and worked very quickly to produce our drawing conversions in timely fashion. We have been working with them since 2007 and we went back to Vernalis Engineering for our subsequent requirements also.

Mr. Wladimir Wagner
Head of Design and Development
Altair Product Design

Vernalis Engineering, you are one of our preferred Vendors for Design and CAE projects and we would continue to work with you for your quick turnaround abilities. The timely help provided by your team during design evolution of casting component from optimization is much appreciated. Your quick understanding of the problem and intelligent interactions were the reasons to get the best output in the design. Also your crucial support in creating a complicated Hex mesh model for fatigue life estimation of the Crane assembly helped us to deliver the results to customer on time.

Mr. J L Ravindra
Sr.Project Manager