The Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Muthu Kumar has 21 years of  CAE driven product development experience in fields such as  Power, Automotive, Industrial Automation and Industrial machinery. His areas of expertise include Optimization, Crash, Vibration and Durability Performance.  

During his tenure with  Ansaldo, Tata Motors and Altair, he not only had a rich cross functional team development experience, but also provided consultancy services for clients across India, USA, UK, China and Japan. A breadth of global experience which provides a broad perspective when formulating optimal solutions.

  Muthu Kumar has Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Trichy. He loves working with teams, in nurturing them, understanding  their potential and moulding them as independent and confident professionals. His positive attitude is extremely contagious.  He is a quick learner, extremely adaptable and possesses good decision making skills . He strives to continuously improve in all aspects of work. His clients feel working with him is an absolute pleasure and so do we @ Vernalis.  

Muthu says that he is passionate about developing innovative engineering solutions which deliver immediate tangible benefits to clients.
Fergus leads our European Operations, with a particular focus on our Engineering Division. He brings over 20 years of IT development and consultancy experience, across a range of industries including retail, finance, and manufacturing.

Fergus has an achievement history in many diverse roles within Information Technology - ranging from Systems Analyst to Project Manager for several SME IT organizations. His range of experience and expertise extends from consulting with Big Four firms at a senior executive level to being an IT director at a Menswear Retail Chain to starting his own development organization.

In addition to managing the European Operations, Fergus chairs the Vernalis Leadership Academy, which focuses on shaping the current generation and grooming the next generation of the Vernalis family. You may also be interested to learn that Fergus, in addition to his native English language, is proficient in Mandarin - an impressive skill. But Fergus' unmistakable talent is in the proficiency of perception and people development.

Fergus has the unique capability to drive success through the catalytic growth and development of individual talents.
Guido Brassart
Advisory Consultant
Brassart is our lead consultant and advisor for our Engineering services, German operations. Herr Brassart has extensive Management and Logistics experience which, together with his exceptional leadership skills, have resulted in many successful projects, particularly when concerned with aligning employees to a companies value chain.

At Vernalis, our team has been greatly benefited from his 30+ years of knowledge and wisdom in the Mechanical Industry and his ability to deliver successful outcomes to all projects which he has managed.

He held many top Management posts such as “Director – Communication Technique” in Siemens, “Head of Production and Personal Department” in Flender, “Managing Director” at Georg Maschinentechnik etc. He is a German Logistics Awards winner and also Honorary Founder of the Bergakademie Freiberg.

He has travelled to many countries and has a special working relationship within India. The cycle-rickshaw which is parked in his carriage was purchased in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Now, post retirement, his ability to offer insight and guidance is now being applied to supporting the growth of Vernalis Engineering in Germany.

Hans Barthelmes
Business head, Germany
Barthelmes, is a man with many talents. With more than 45 Years of extensive experience in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing and Management for the European Automotive Industry and in the last 15 years he has been successfully consulting many companies in the industry.

His areas of interest are Automotive, Industrial Machinery, general Engineering and Forging to name the few.

He has conducted many training courses and workshops in Metal technology for the related Industries.

He is also the author of the book “Handbook of Industrial Engineering”, in which he has very elaborately written about the important points regarding methods, material and management in the Industrial world.

He is a Certified, graduate Mechanical Engineer FH (University/Polytechnic of applied science) from Hanau/Germany.

As the primary consultant of Vernalis Engineering, his goal and motto is to develop and support our growing client base and presence throughout Germany.

Design Head
Swami has over 22 years experience in Engineering Design. This includes the management of a wide array of Projects in Germany in various industrial sectors such as Gearboxes, Special Machines, Presses, Automobile, Forging, Fabrication, Fixture design etc.  

He has worked extensively for Siemens, Koerper Group and Georg companies. His current responsibilities include the delivery of design projects and business development in Germany.  

Swami is a fluent German speaker and has worked on site with a number of our German clients.

Swami hails from Coimbatore (Kovai).  He is a Bachelor of Technology from Karunya University, Coimbatore. Good home food, friends and family are his definition of a great life. Swami loves sports, especially cricket , as well as travelling extensively whenever possible.

Swami says "We at Vernalis enjoy what we do, which drives us not only to serve our clients the best possible way but also to make them thrilled with our solutions"
Business head, Canada
Prabu is the business head of Vernalis Engineering's Canadian operations. He has over 22 years of experience in manufacturing. He has worked extensively on product development with a global cross functional team in executing engineering projects under tight deadlines in Electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. His work tenure has taken him to several countries including Malaysia, Singapore and Europe.  

He is leveraging his knowledge and expertise in the engineering/manufacturing industries to offer them the best possible engineering solutions. He has cherished all the challenges he encountered in his professional career and takes pride in his ability to overcome them successfully, to deliver value to the clients.

Prabu has great interpersonal skills which help him communicate and interact effectively in his personal and professional life. He considers himself a socially conscious person as he believes social consciousness is inseparable from self-awareness. He is an avid sports fan and relishes the time spent with his young family.